Bloghttp:// Package Status UpdateA short update on the status of the project.2020-05-13T20:30:00+01:0093df8124-5337-4f24-9c28-23adec673dfbhttp:// Friends and ColleaguesThe demonstration website for our fake university needs lot of staff to teach the subjects and manage the business. How else will we attract all those potential student applicants?2019-12-23T12:11:00Ze1f28d60-2e1f-4639-aa62-081fef7ae8fahttp:// Fake Course DataI need to show that my University Package works, so I am building a demonstration university website packed with oodles of fake data, which mirrors that found in a real university website.2019-10-10T14:14:00+01:00d992896e-8dc9-4150-8256-0e6e9030a862http:// or BitBucket (and GitFlow)Where to host my project? On the one hand, I love GitHub, and browse it every day… on the other, I use BitBucket at work, and know how useful private repositories can be for developing code without interference.2019-01-03T11:35:00Z39880de9-7ec4-4a22-9325-50c00d742948http:// My ProjectThe time has come to finally move the University Package project into Git source control.2019-01-01T11:46:00Zc38cc27e-00c2-4445-a1c3-403afc2ee7cehttp:// Bugs with UpgradesChristmas nears and this gives me a bit of free time to return to my own project work. First up is to squash a particularly borthersome bug in the C1 CMS.2018-12-19T14:53:00Zd816df48-ea95-47a3-bacb-93be482d0f24http:// from Catastrophe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Disk FailuresI don’t have much luck with hard drives. Usually it involves buying one that ends up being too small for the number of files I create. Recently, it’s been disk or disk-related operating system failures. Either way, it puts the kibosh on developing software.2018-06-15T16:22:00+01:0073f1783d-e9ab-4e84-a8a7-0083da9b1e4dhttp:// and PatchesIt took me longer than I though it would, and I had to call on friends for help, but I've finally managed to upgrade my website's C1 Content Management System to version 6.2.2018-01-07T12:51:00Z4e7c79b1-aac9-41f9-9deb-ab898289a101http://'s Oh, So QuiteSometimes you need to take a break from projects. Something else comes up, and personal projects get put on hold. In my case, it's a short-term contract at the University of Bristol… one that could lead onto a longer duration post.2017-08-14T15:13:00+01:002b5df815-2837-43ba-a32a-7cec08fe7ab4http:// First Add-On Packages for C1 CMSIt's also my first piece of open-source software.2017-02-15T21:49:00Z1cc08447-fd21-4a7c-834b-cdf2a919319dhttp:// TablesOne of the nicest things about spreadsheets is that you can reorder columns alphabetically just by clicking a "sort" button. Using JQuery, you can now do this for tables in your web pages.2017-02-03T15:55:00Z5b6bf06a-8bff-4130-b962-fb8930a257f3http:// External LinksI want all of my external links to open in a new window, and for users to know that this will happen before they click. I also want this additional functionality to be automatic, so that other web editors don't need to remember to do something in order to make it happen.2017-01-20T16:07:00Z8e5332f7-c4a7-4fef-a2be-ed53c4865eb2http:// Rogue Break ProblemThere's a problem with TinyMCE that presents in some web browsers. It occasionally adds rouge line breaks at the end of block elements. This is how I find and remove them.2017-01-17T10:41:00Z4ea63485-c5a5-46f8-a758-27b931905e83http:// Empty Paragraph ProblemThey really really annoy me. They are empty paragraphs... used by some novice website editors to insert extra spaces between one block of text and the next. This is how I get rid of them.2017-01-17T10:38:00Z7fbaea16-5cd3-479f-a78b-cda1036c0e15http:// Page InsertsI wanted to alert users that some tables in my website were responsive and scrollable, but I didn't want to add additional text to my pages. I also wanted the notices to be appended automatically and in the same language as the website.2017-01-07T13:14:00Za8faccdb-78f7-412a-a808-6aeb19a13a29http:// and Function PlanningDocumenting what functions make up a page template or are used throughout the website pages is important. It'll help you keep track of the project as it progresses, and allow you to visualise the function model in order to identify gaps.2016-12-12T11:35:00Zaca75f50-d3df-4d72-8e48-067ddcd890e0http:// InternationalThis is how I make a website in multiple languages in Orckestra CMS.2016-12-10T13:12:00Zc1ecb364-cadf-4f26-aa93-bd512abfcbe2http:// Bit More TemplatingExpanding upon earlier templating work, I've now spun off most of my page structure to functions. This is how my templates look now.2016-12-09T11:11:00Z1a9e8b3a-169e-442e-b858-e00e7d8c8ed7http:// the Visual EditorIf you're using Bootstrap for your website, you'll need to edit the formatting options in the Visual Editor. This article explains how to do this.2016-11-23T18:39:00Z39b95dc8-c5c1-4b51-9f58-5a1eaee772c8http:// a Data ModelIt's time to get started on creating Global Datatypes and Page Datafolders. But how do we identify what we need, and which type do you use for what? This post explains my thinking process for deciding.2016-10-19T12:08:00+01:003110ee85-d27e-46d7-abd6-a553eee28c71http:// MarkersWhen using Bootstrap, or other style-sheets that have similar looking headings, you need an easy way to distinguish between them in the CMS's Visual Editor. This is how I do it.2016-10-09T18:29:00+01:0077518e87-dd5f-4889-a728-4d17337ed867http:// BugbearsThere are things that I hate seeing when editing HTML code. So how do I stop website editors from using rouge tags and obsolete code? With CSS.2016-10-09T12:40:00+01:0034f02d18-bc5b-4d47-a658-5ba03e8a702bhttp:// Basic TemplatesBuilding some page templates and configuring the CMS's Visual Editor.2016-10-08T11:27:00+01:00a072aec8-f833-42bf-918f-025667cddc8dhttp:// the Orckestra CMS Up and RunningThe decisions to make and customisation required to get the Orckestra CMS up and running for my project.2016-10-05T11:25:00+01:0010e96a10-d167-4b22-b343-0896baa3e88ahttp:// CMS ChoicesPicking the right CMS for a project can be tricky. This is my method for narrowing down the possibilities.2016-10-02T11:22:00+01:00c604655c-c2b7-42b3-8efd-9ed126eab9dfhttp:// Big ProjectThis is what I want to build.2016-10-01T11:20:00+01:002375036b-3ec5-434d-b37d-67a49f563235http:// to Bailey Web & DigitalA new start, a new project, a great new opportunity.2016-10-01T11:18:00+01:00