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Recovering from Catastrophe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Disk Failures0

15 June 2018

I don’t have much luck with hard drives. Usually it involves buying one that ends up being too small for the number of files I create. Recently, it’s been disk or disk-related operating system failures. Either way, it puts the kibosh on developing software.

Upgrades and Patches0

07 January 2018

It took me longer than I though it would, and I had to call on friends for help, but I've finally managed to upgrade my website's C1 Content Management System to version 6.2.

It's Oh, So Quite0

14 August 2017

Sometimes you need to take a break from projects. Something else comes up, and personal projects get put on hold. In my case, it's a short-term contract at the University of Bristol... one that could lead onto a longer duration post.

My First Add-On Packages for C1 CMS0

15 February 2017

It's also my first piece of open-source software.

Sorting Tables0

03 February 2017

One of the nicest things about spreadsheets is that you can reorder columns alphabetically just by clicking a "sort" button. Using JQuery, you can now do this for tables in your web pages.