My Blog: Template and Function Planning

12 December 2016

Documenting what functions make up a page template or are used throughout the website pages is important. It'll help you keep track of the project as it progresses, and allow you to visualise the function model in order to identify gaps.

As I build the Bailey University website for the University Package, I need to plan and document the functions used to assemble the page templates, and how those functions are nested / used.

To do this, a simple representation of the page is divided into rows according to the template plan, with associated functions recorded next to each row:

With this in hand, I can then begin planning the functions I will need to create for pages that use Page Datafolders.

I'm going to be using Razor functions to enable Data URL Routing via the RoutedData<DataType> type, with actual display of data handled by XSLT Functions within the Razor function (See: Execute Other Functions).

All of this information is recorded as part of my documentation under What Goes Where.

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