My Blog: It's Oh, So Quite

14 August 2017

Sometimes you need to take a break from projects. Something else comes up, and personal projects get put on hold. In my case, it's a short-term contract at the University of Bristol... one that could lead onto a longer duration post.

However, it's not as if I've totally stopped work on the University Package. The course search engine is now feature-complete and the code is behaving itself. I've begun working on the subject and module searches, and I've also tidied up the Bootstrap formatting for the side-bars and page footer. The fruits of this labour can now be seen in the Demonstration Website.

So, What's Next?

The TODO continues to grow. I've got to finish writing the subject and module search engines, populate the people datatypes with example data and build display pages for them so that I can link them into the programmes and projects. I also need to go out in Bath with my camera, photographing the architecture to use on the Demonstration Website. That should keep me out of mischief until the New Year!

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