My Blog: Upgrades and Patches

07 January 2018

It took me longer than I though it would, and I had to call on friends for help, but I've finally managed to upgrade my website's C1 Content Management System to version 6.2.

I'm not on a paid support contact, and so don't get the easy to use fixes and upgrades that Orckestra helpfully provide corporate customers. However, the C1 community often provides resources for developers like me. In this case, Pauli Østerø (a.k.a. burningice2866) has published a handy guide over on the C1 Forum, for upgrading from v5.1 to v6.2.

Going Secure with SSL Support

In addition to upgrading my CMS, I have also sprung for SSL support from my hosting provider. The main website is now delivered over HTTPS, as are my C1 add-in packages. If you've previously added my server as a package source, you might like to update the connection to point to instead.

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