My Blog: Fixing Bugs with Upgrades

19 December 2018

Christmas nears and this gives me a bit of free time to return to my own project work. First up is to squash a particularly borthersome bug in the C1 CMS.

Developing software is bloody difficult (as I well know!), and developing software without bugs is an impossible task, even for big companies like Microsoft and Apple. There's been a bothersome bug in the C1 CMS affecting Data URL Routing, where short data URLs such as <a href="~/myapp(Id)">link</a> cannot be resolved into a valid hyperlink <a href="~/path/path/page">link</a>more than 60 seconds after last use (GitHub Issue #339). This has affected development of the University Package significantly, as I'm using Data URL Routing for all my application cross-linking.

Recently, this bug has been squashed by the team at Orckestra, much to my delight. However fixing my installation requres me to perform a manual upgrade of my CMS, which in turn requires a good four hours of focused concentration.

The process began with a backup, followed by uninstalling all of the add-on packages, except those in Packages > Installed Packages > Local Packages and Composite.Updates. Over-writing the CMS with the latest version from GitHub, then merging the changes in the web.config and composite.config files. Once complete, I then restored the required add-on packages, missing data, and the visual editor customisations.

Several days of testing and monitoring followed before I could re-upload this website to the server. I hope not to do another one of these repairs for a while.

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