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GitHub or BitBucket (and GitFlow)0

03 January 2019

Where to host my project? On the one hand, I love GitHub, and browse it every day… on the other, I use BitBucket at work, and know how useful private repositories can be for developing code without interference.

Git-ifying My Project0

01 January 2019

The time has come to finally move the University Package project into Git source control.

Recovering from Catastrophe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Disk Failures0

15 June 2018

I don’t have much luck with hard drives. Usually it involves buying one that ends up being too small for the number of files I create. Recently, it’s been disk or disk-related operating system failures. Either way, it puts the kibosh on developing software.

My First Add-On Packages for C1 CMS0

15 February 2017

It's also my first piece of open-source software.

JQuery Page Inserts0

07 January 2017

I wanted to alert users that some tables in my website were responsive and scrollable, but I didn't want to add additional text to my pages. I also wanted the notices to be appended automatically and in the same language as the website.