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JQuery Page Inserts0

07 January 2017

I wanted to alert users that some tables in my website were responsive and scrollable, but I didn't want to add additional text to my pages. I also wanted the notices to be appended automatically and in the same language as the website.

Template and Function Planning0

12 December 2016

Documenting what functions make up a page template or are used throughout the website pages is important. It'll help you keep track of the project as it progresses, and allow you to visualise the function model in order to identify gaps.

Going International0

10 December 2016

This is how I make a website in multiple languages in Orckestra CMS.

A Bit More Templating0

09 December 2016

Expanding upon earlier templating work, I've now spun off most of my page structure to functions. This is how my templates look now.

Bootstrap the Visual Editor0

23 November 2016

If you're using Bootstrap for your website, you'll need to edit the formatting options in the Visual Editor. This article explains how to do this.