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Formatting Markers0

09 October 2016

When using Bootstrap, or other style-sheets that have similar looking headings, you need an easy way to distinguish between them in the CMS's Visual Editor. This is how I do it.

Banishing Bugbears0

09 October 2016

There are things that I hate seeing when editing HTML code. So how do I stop website editors from using rouge tags and obsolete code? With CSS.

Beyond Basic Templates0

08 October 2016

Building some page templates and configuring the CMS's Visual Editor.

Getting the Orckestra CMS Up and Running0

05 October 2016

The decisions to make and customisation required to get the Orckestra CMS up and running for my project.

Reducing CMS Choices0

02 October 2016

Picking the right CMS for a project can be tricky. This is my method for narrowing down the possibilities.